Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jury Duty

This morning I find myself in the Jury Assembly Room in Boone County. I have a low number, and I'm guessing that as an attorney I won't be here long. But, it definitely falls under the category of things I've never done. (Althouh I've helped pick a jury as a litigator and helped pick a Grand Jury as a clerk -- both in Jackson County.)

I have to say the the jury folks have been VERY helpful. I got to pick ny preferred week a couple of months ago, and yesterday I realized I didn't know my jury number (some had to be here this morning; some didn't). I left a message yesterday asking to call back with my number if they could, but I'd be there if I didn't hear. This morning I had a very gracious call informing me of my number and that I needed to be present.

So . . . Analysis so far is nice people, uncomfortable chairs.