Thursday, July 30, 2009


Home Again

Belated Birthday

This is a bit after-the-fact, but I wanted to thank everyone for their warm birthday wishes, and for the great day I had. My birthday was on a Friday, and it was the opening night (of 2) of the operetta I was performing in at Fayette -- Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience. I had court in the morning, and lunch with friends from the office.

I had a lot of friends post messages on Facebook, and that was really moving. I forget that I have so many neat people in my life, and I need to do a better job of staying personally connected with them.

When I arrived at the theater (a little late), there was a beautiful cake that Tracy had brought over, and the cast and crew sang to me and we shared the confection, hoping that it wouldn't clog our chords. It was early enough that there were no issues. The show went well, and was well-received by the audience. From the audience, I had several treats. First, Will and Jason from the office came. It was really nice to have someone from my professional world see me perform. I think they had just enough to drink before the show to keep them fully entertained. There was also a group from Gumbo Bottoms there ( We were only 36 hours away from starting a week of brush-up rehearsals before a show in Jefferson City, and it was really nice to see those familiar faces. (And hear their voices laughing). My Mom was there, and she and Dad also came for the second run.

Finally, I had the wonderful surprise of a woman coming out of the blue and introducing herself as having been one of my English professors at CMU. Of course, I see a lot of my old professors at CMU, but she left for MU a couple of years (maybe just one) after I graduated, so I hadn't seen her since. She was very patient with me as a student who was -- precocious is the word we would have used if I had been in middle school; some combination of bright, lazy, and too-big-for-his-own-britches is probably a closer description to what it was in college. Anyhow, her appearance was totally out of nowhere, and a wonderful treat.

After the show, Will and Jason joined us for drinks and discussion at home, ending a marvelous day.

So thanks to all of you who had a hand in it, and to all of you who continue to love me despite long distances and long silences.