Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday Letter - 9/19/10

Well, it's been a good weekend. Yesterday was the Rocheport Wine Stroll. This annual event offers folks the opportunity to pay a flat fee, get a wine glass, then wander around from store to store (mostly antique stores) trying wines from different wineries. It is The Event in town.

However, we have sort turned it into The Anti-Event at our house. Most locals choose to do one of two things during the weekend -- help local merchants sell things, pour wine and distribute snacks, or leave town altogether. Although it is just one Saturday evening, it gets VERY crowded. Tracy and I, however take a third option -- we sit on our balcony, have some drinks and watch everyone walking around town. People check in right next to our house, and folks in line will talk to us, or ask us where to go, and we try to be as charming as possible. This year, we were joined by our friends Candy and Alan, who were perhaps more charming yet.

The Stroll was interrupted this year by a lot of rain, but folks still seemed to have a really good time. A local friend stopped by as the evening was slowing down and we went inside the house for a bit. Then, after Alan and Candy had returned home to their kids, Tracy and I went down the the General Store which had more dancing than I had ever seen in that small place. The band was great, including a young man who played the electric violin beautifully, including plucked like a guitar. It was great fun.

If you're free next year, come join us.