Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Friday Letter - 12/14/10

The past week has been a busy one in the middle of several busy ones, but more than anything, it has been an opportunity to celbrate Tracy. Last Saturday, in San Antonio, she was hooded with her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and I am so proud of her.

On Wednesday, we drove to Tulsa (a drive we made for Thanksgiving, and will make again for Christmas) and spent the night with Win and Rob. On Thursday, we picked up Tracy's Dad and drove to San Antonio. On Friday, we were joined by Win and Rob, Vita (Tracy's Dad's wife), Tracy's Mom and her husband. So, there were 4 couples total. On Saturday, we all attended the graduation ceremony (not counting Tracy, who was involved) and had a wondrful meal at a Belgian restaurant to celebrate. On Sunday, we drove back home, dropping off Oklahoma family on the way, finally falling into bed exhausted (after watching The Amazing Race finale -- thank you very much, DVR). The next day I drove 10 hours to Kentucky. Blech.

I am extremely proud of Tracy for her degree. Mom always said that education and experiences are things that can never be taken away from us. On the other hand, not to go all Wizard of Oz, but the degree really is just a symbol of the inherent intelligence that Tracy has. It's also a symbol of the significant persistence that she showed in pursuing it. She was the first person to finish this program entirely online, and I think she faced additional challenges as the faculty figured out how to handle her situation.