Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday Letter - 9/14/10

Some quick thoughts:

It was really great. Tracy and I had a wonderful time. The zoo was too crazycrazycrazy crowdedbusy to go on Sunday, so we postponed it for a day. We visited some other Omaha civic space on Sunday, including the pedestrian bridge across the Missouri. I'm sure Tracy will tell you about the otter. Sunday's zoo visit was terrific. We got there early, and saw lots of active animals, including Hoho, the world's neediest sun bear:

Thanks again to the very friendly people of Omaha.
Ah, the season is upon us, and it makes me very happy. Sam Bradford acquitted himself nicely. Oklahoma and Missouri won. Central Methodist lost. SOUNDLY. Marshfield High School is 1-2, but that just makes my iffy seasons look better. I'm just glad that we are back in the season!
Tracy surprised me today with a Roomba robot vacuum and robot mop. I have wanted a Roomba since I saw my friend Dan's some years ago. And, we are in a really good house for it with all wood floors. So, she got some cheap and I am really excited. Mr. Cogswell would be so proud.